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A producer, producer-distributor, distributor, or jobber may not engage in the business of producing or selling milk in Montana without having obtained a license from the Milk Control Bureau. There is a $2 annual fee which goes to the Montana general fund. In addition to the license required by our bureau, the Milk and Egg Bureau also requires a license, both of which are necessary to do business in Montana.

Download License Application Forms (PDF) below:

Fiscal Year 2021



The Milk Control Board levies an assessment upon producers, producer-distributors, and distributors to provide funds to administer and enforce the Milk Control Act. The assessment is the sole source of funding for the Board of Milk Control and Montana Department of Livestock Milk Control Bureau.

Assessment Rates for fiscal year 2021 (on sales of the total volume of all milk subject to the Milk Control Act):

  • Producer-distributors: $0.055 per hundredweight.
  • Producers: $0.0275 per hundredweight
  • Distributors: $0.0275 per hundredweight

Download Assessment Reporting Forms (Excel) below:

Fiscal Year 2021


Payment of Licenses & Assessments

Licenses and assessments can be paid electronically online (ACH debit or credit card). Use of the online payment system is encouraged in combination with e-mailing license applications and monthly sales reports to To make payments online, please use the following link: Here are payment instructions (with screenshots).


Use of the online payment system is optional; the bureau also accepts mailed-in license applications, sales reports, and checks. The Milk Control Bureau mailing address is

Milk Control Bureau
PO Box 202003
Helena, MT 59620-2003


The following fees apply to each type of payment. 


  • ACH Debit (transfer from checking or savings account):  $2.00 per transaction
  • Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard / Discover / American Express):  $1.25 per transaction plus 2.15% of the payment amount


With the above fee structures, the fee for a ACH Debit transaction costs less than a credit card transaction when a payment (before fees) is more than $34.88.

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Department of Livestock
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