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Brucellosis/Montana's Designated Surveillance Area (DSA)


DSA Regulations

Brucellosis (Bangs) Vaccination:

All sexually intact female cattle or domestic bison 12 months of age or older in Beaverhead, Big Horn, Broadwater, Carbon, Gallatin, Jefferson, Madison, Park, Stillwater, and Sweet Grass counties must be official vaccinates.

Official vaccinates are calfhood or adult vaccinates (AV).

Vaccination requirements apply to resident female cattle as well as cattle seasonally grazing in these counties.

Females managed at any time during the risk period in the DSA can be booster vaccinated for Brucellosis if the risk warrants it.

2020 DSA and VAX counties map


Brucellosis Testing (Bleeding):

All sexually intact cattle and domestic bison must be tested for brucellosis within 30 days prior to leaving the DSA or changing ownership.

Test run on blood drawn after August 15 are valid for movement or change of ownership until February 15 of the following year.

  • Exceptions to testing requirements:
    • Steers or spayed heifers.
    • Sexually intact animals less than 12 months of age for feeding.
    • Animals moving to an approved Montana livestock market that will be tested at the market prior to sale.
    • Animals destined for exhibition or veterinary care within the DSA that will not be commingled with other livestock, will remain in confinement for the duration of the event/treatment, and will depart within 10 days of arrival.
    • Animals utilizing the DSA during the low-risk period (entering the DSA after July 15 and leaving prior to January 15).
  • Animals entering the DSA for summer grazing may be tested upon return to their origin location. Testing must be done within 10 days and animals may not be commingled with other livestock until testing is complete.
  • Other variances or exceptions to requirements will be considered on an individual basis by the Brucellosis program coordinator.  If you would like to set up a  management agreement to establish a variance, please call the MDOL at 406-444-2976.

Identification and Disease Traceability:

All sexually intact cattle and domestic bison (regardless of age) leaving the DSA must be officially identified.

Official individual identification tags include:

AH tags

  • A,B) Orange brucellosis (metal or RFID) vaccination tags on officially brucellosis vaccinated females
  • C) Electronic Identification Device (EID) tags (also known as RFID tags) in the 840 series for US origin cattle
  • D) Silver metal "Brite" tags (available to producers at no charge from the MDOL or USDA-APHIS office).

DSA Boundaries



DSA Testing Reimbursement Requests

Costs of DSA testing and adult vaccination are compensated for veterinarians and producers on a state fiscal year schedule (July 1 through June 30) and are dependent upon availability of funds.  Rates are determined by MDOL.  Policies and rates are subject to change.

Veterinary Reimbursement:

Veterinarians can request reimbursement on the MVDL laboratory submission form (excel-based form) by checking YES next to "DSA Reimbursement Request" or typing DSA Reimbursement in the remarks section of a MIMS test submission.

Veterinarians can also request reimbursement for booster brucellosis vaccination by marking the DSA reimbursement box on the 2022 eOCV form or writing “DSA Booster” in the remarks box of the VS 4-26.  Electronic records can be emailed to the DOL office at

Producer Reimbursement:

Producers may request reimbursement for DSA-related brucellosis testing at a rate of $2/head by either...

Submitting a producer reimbursement form


*NEW OPTION: Producers can now request reimbursement online via the ServiceNow platform*:

  • ServiceNow form (an account is required for this option)
  • Need help setting up an account -- click here.

Producer reimbursement request forms must be completed annually.  A Montana W-9 must be on file with the Department of Livestock before reimbursement can be made.


Compensation Rates:

MT LIV Animal Health Brucellosis DSA Compensation Rates

Veterinarian, 1-10 animals


Veterinarian, 11-50 animals


Veterinarian, 51 or more animals


Veterinarian, livestock market testing

$7.50/head + $1.00/head handling comp.

Veterinarian, booster brucellosis vaccination          


Producer handling comp.


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