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Brands Liens

The Brand Lien Portal gives lenders and financial institutions the ability and tools to create, file and manage Montana brand liens efficiently and securely.  The new system is easier and more efficient to use.  Please read the following information carefully to learn about the Brand Lien Portal.


To access the portal, send an email to Dept of Livestock ( with the following information:

  • the first and last name, email address, and bank name and city of the person or person's requesting use of the lien portal application
  • include in the subject line: "Brand Lien Portal Access"

Upon receiving your email, the Department will add your name and email address to the portal and send additional information on how to set-up a password.

The link or the website address for the new Brand Lien Portal is:
Please note: The latest versions of all popular web browsers are supported (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).  Browser versions that are older than two years, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, are not supported and may not work.


A secure web service that allows lienholders to manage their brand liens.  Services offered on this site include:

  • View active brand liens,
  • Initiate a Notice of Security Interest,
  • Terminate an existing filing,
  • Initiate a lien Continuation into a new brand owner’s name,
  • Search Montana brand records to view the image, location, brand owner names, and active liens.


Online Fee - New Liens, Continuations, and Terminations:

  • Payment is due each time a lien transaction is completed.
  • Using the Brand Lien Portal - $26.98 per filing. Per transaction fee of $25.00 + $1.98 surcharge.
  • Payment must be made with a credit/debit card or by ACH (eCheck).
  • There is no longer an annual user fee.
  • There is no longer a fee to perform searches.

By Mail - new Liens, Continuations, Terminations:

  • The fee to file a new lien, a continuation or a termination is $25.00.

IMPORTANT: The effective date is the date that the lien document is processed by the Dept. of Livestock.  It is not the date the document is signed by the lender or borrower(s).  A lien document will not be processed by the Dept. of Livestock if it is incomplete or if the correct fee has not been received.



  • Per MCA 81-8-301, MDOL accepts Notices of Security Interest for branded livestock. Notice agreements (brand liens) are documented on the official Montana brand record of the brand for which the notice was filed.
  • A separate notice must be completed for each recorded brand (one brand image and one location on up to 3 species: cattle, horses and sheep).
  • Signatures from all recorded brand owners are required. 
  • Brand liens do not secure interest on any livestock that are not branded with the borrower’s brand, as indicated on the notice of security interest filing.
  • Required form: Notice of Security Interest Covering Branded Livestock.



  • If a brand owner name is changed, the lien filing must be changed to reflect the new brand owner. 
  • The continuation form must be signed by all individuals who will remain owners of the brand after the transfer is complete, including any new individuals. 
  • Required form: Notice of Security Interest Continuation.




  • Next renewal period is December 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2023. 





A UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) can be filed with Montana Secretary of State.  MDOL brand lien records do not correlate with UCC filings. Please do not submit UCC filings to MDOL.  For more information call Montana Secretary of State at (406) 444-2468 or visit



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