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How to Request an Investigation 

If you suspect a livestock loss due to wolf predation, you can request an investigation to see if the losses were due to a confirmed or probable wolf/grizzly bear depredation. The Livestock Loss Board can pay only for confirmed or probable losses as determined by USDA-Wildlife Services. 
Step 1: Contact USDA-Wildlife Services to request an investigation: West District (406) 459-5943 or State Office (406) 657-6464.
Step 2: A USDA-WS investigator will send your investigation report to the USDA-WS state director in Billings.
Step 3: USDA’s Billings office will send a copy of the investigation and LLB’s claim form to the livestock owner.
Step 4: The livestock owner may now submit a claim to the Livestock Loss Board’s office. If the livestock are contracted at a greater value, the owner must supply a copy of the contract or if an animal is registered, proof of registration is required.
Step 5: The Livestock Loss Board's Executive Director prints a USDA Market Report from Billings to determine current cattle values or values as determined by the board.
Step 6: Brand ownership, bank mortgages, and per-capita fee payments are researched.(note; tribal members are exempt from the per-capita fee requirement, per-capita must be current in order for a claim to be paid) 
Step 7: Typical claims are processed that same day. Non-typical claims are presented to the full board to determine values.
Step 8: Livestock owners will receive a letter stating what the payment amount will be.
Step 9: Payment is sent to the livestock owner by Department of Livestock accounting staff.
Step 10: If a livestock owner disputes the value of the livestock, the owner must submit a letter to the board office and provide proof of the greater value. Appeals will be presented to the full board for review.


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