Montana Department of Livestock

Here to serve the people of Montana and its livestock industry.

MT LIV Board of Livestock Members
Industry Represented
Gene Curry, Chairman
3/2021 - 3/2027
130 Curry Rd, Valier, MT 59486
Nina Baucus
Wolf Creek
3/2015 - 3/2029
Wolf Creek, MT 59648
Jake Feddes
3/2021 - 3/2027
151 Pebble Brooke Ln, Belgrade, MT 59714
Greg Wichman
3/2021 - 3/2027
1105 Winifred Hwy, Hilger, MT 59451
Alan Redfield
3/2021 - 3/2027
538 Mill Creek Rd, Livingston, MT 59047-8709
William Kleinsasser III
Elk Creek Colony
3/2023 - 3/2029
PO Box 627, Augusta, MT 59410
Lillian Andersen
3/2023 - 3/2029
6 McDonald Creek Rd, Livingston, MT 59047



Montana Code Annotated  2-15-3102: Board of livestock -- composition.
  (1) There is a board of livestock.
  (2) The board consists of seven members appointed by the governor with the consent of the senate. Each member must be a resident of the state and an active livestock producer. A member must be appointed upon the recommendation of the related industry and must have the following qualifications:
     (a) four are cattle producers;
     (b) one is a dairy producer representing the dairy and poultry industry;
     (c) one is a swine producer; and
     (d) one is a sheep producer.
  (3) An appointee is vested with all the powers and duties of office before being confirmed by the senate, as are directors in 2-15-111(2).
  (4) The governor shall designate the presiding officer of the board.
  (5) A member shall serve for a term of 6 years.
  (6) Members of the board must be reimbursed and compensated as are members of quasi-judicial boards in 2-15-124(7).

History: En. 82A-1303 by Sec. 1, Ch. 272, L. 1971; amd. Sec. 198, Ch. 310, L. 1974; amd. Sec. 1, Ch. 393, L. 1975; R.C.M. 1947, 82A-1303; amd. Sec. 7, Ch. 52, L. 1993.

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