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Egg Section

If you are simply selling eggs from your backyard flock to friends and neighbors, directly from your farm or home -- good news - no license is needed!  If, however, you want to sell your eggs at retail (i.e., a grocery store, cafe, etc.) then you need an egg grading license.  If you are selling more than 25 cases (30 dozen/case) a month that you have purchased from a shell egg producer, then you require an egg dealer license.  Please contact the Helena office at (406) 444-5202 or

All the information you need to prepare for a grading license is found in the document below and the links on the left-hand side of this page.  When you are ready for your licensing inspection and egg candling test, contact the State Sanitarian for your area, who can be found here:  Sanitarian District Map.

As always, your Sanitarian will be available to help you through the process and ensure all requirements are met prior to licensing.

General Egg Information -- Start Here

If you will have >3000 birds or are a grading station packing 25 cases per month, follow the link below to register for the USDA Shell Egg Surveillance Program and contact the State Sanitarian in your area.  The Egg Section of the Department of Livestock partners with the USDA to provide quarterly shell egg surveillance inspections.

USDA Shell Egg Registration Form

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