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Montana Brand Books

The Montana Livestock Brand Books – listed by county and current as of August 16, 2023, is available below by clicking on the county name.  If you have questions regarding the brand information included on the page, please contact the Helena Brand Office.

The option to purchase a Montana Livestock Brand Book is not currently available.  This section of the website is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The information provided in the online brand book is provided under the following conditions:

  • Under Montana law, Section 2-6-108 MCA, if we provide you with a document including private addresses, you may not use it as a mailing list. If you do so, you may be guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • Brand books are continuously updated as brands are issue and transferred, and the brand book may already be out of date.
  • The listing will not be considered by the department or a court of law as an official brand book or document.
  • The following statement must be included prominently with any use of the book/information provided to you: This publication/information is not a publication of the State of Montana.  It may not be used for official Department of Livestock business or for brand verification in a court of law.  The Department of Livestock is not responsible for errors herein.


Brand Books by County:

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