Brands EnforcementContact Information

Brands Enforcement Contact Information

General Inquiries: 


Phone: (406) 444-2045

Fax: (406) 444-2877

Mailing Address: 

Department of Livestock 
Brands Enforcement Division
PO Box 202001
Helena, MT 59620-2001

Helena Office Staff: 

Brenna Brunt

(406) 444-3765

Cattle Inspection, Brand Liens

Abigail Williams

(406) 444-2015

Cattle Inspection

Shanda Armstrong

(406) 444-0571

Cattle Inspection

Leslie Doely

(406) 444-2925


Cally Goyins

(406) 444-3812

Brand Recorder, Brand Liens

Michele Satre

(406) 444-2984

Market Data Compliance, Account of Sales


(406) 444-2788

Market Auditor, Dealer/Market Licensing

Becky Waid

(406) 444-4921

Horse Inspection, Brand Recorder


Field Staff: 

For contact Information for Investigators, Brand Inspectors, Authorized Shipping Points, and Permit Writers, see our Service Map.