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Milk Section
Alicia Love, Bureau Chief


It is not the intent of the Montana Department of Livestock to list each requirement or recommendation nor spell out in detail each requirement for Grade A or Manufactured dairy plants or dairy farms, but rather serve as a guide in planning the basic facilities.  If you have any questions or would like to start the permitting process, your first call should be to the Meat Milk and Egg Bureau at 406-444-9761 or email



  • Licensing and Inspection of Dairy Farms and Plants
  • Inspection of Milk Tankers
  • Interstate Milk Shippers Survey Program (IMS)
  • Sampling and Testing of Dairy Products
  • Investigation of Dairy related Complaints
  • Testing of Pasteurizers
  • Technical Assistance on dairy related issues
  • Equipment review



A Milk Producer is a person or organization who operates a dairy farm and provides, sells, or offers milk for sale to a milk processing plant, receiving station, or transfer station. Small dairy operations as defined in the Mt Local Food Choice  Act are exempt from licensing requirements.

Every Milk Producer must obtain a Milk Producer's license to operate as a Milk Producer. A Milk Producer's license is not transferable with respect to persons or locations or both. To read more information, click the Handbook link below. To apply for a Milk Producer license, click the button below.



A Milk Processing Plant is a place, premises, or establishment where milk or milk products are collected, handled, processed, stored, bottled, pasteurized, aseptically processed, or prepared for distribution, except an establishment that merely receives the processed milk products and serves them or sells them at retail.

A Milk Processing Plant must obtain an annual Milk Processing Plant license. A Milk Processing Plant may choose to process (1) Grade A milk and milk products, or (2) other milk products that are not classified Grade A.  



A Bulk Milk Hauler is a person or company who transports milk or milk products in bulk to or from a milk processing plant, receiving station, or transfer station.
A Bulk Milk Hauler's license is not transferable with respect to persons or locations or both.
Click below to obtain an application for Bulk Milk Hauler.

  • Bulk Milk Hauler Study Guide
  • Industry Plant Sampler Study Guide
  • Bulk Milk Tanker Permits
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