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Exotic Newcastle Disease

Exotic Newcastle Disease (END) is usually fatal for poultry, but it poses no threat to public health and does not affect the safety of poultry or eggs as food.

Poultry are not the only animals infected. Pet birds (parrots, parakeets) can also contract and spread the disease.

END is sometimes referred to as Asiatic or Doyle's form of Newcastle disease. END is the most virulent strain of the Newcastle disease virus and is probably the most serious disease of chickens throughout the world. This pathotype of Newcastle disease is characterized by the lesions it produces in the gastrointestinal tract. In susceptible chickens, morbidity rates approach 100% and mortality rates may exceed 95%.

ReportExotic Newcastle Disease is a reportable disease. Report any confirmed or suspected case to: MT State Veterinarian 406-444-2043 and MT USDA APHIS Veterinary Services 406-449-2220.

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