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For Immediate Release

October 4, 2013
Steve Merritt
Public Information Officer
Montana Department of Livestock

Brucellosis Found in Park County Cattle Herd

Brucellosis has been found in a yearling bull in Park County, according to state veterinarian Dr. Marty Zaluski.

The bull was the only positive found in a whole-herd test of about 550 animals.

Last week, the Department of Livestock reported that a brucellosis-infected cow was found in a Madison County herd. In that case, a whole-herd test of approximately 1,100 animals found a total of three positive animals.

“In both cases, we saw extremely low infection rates when the herds were tested,” Zaluski said.

Zaluski said he’s pleased that the department’s brucellosis program, which requires testing and identification of cattle within the state’s Designated Surveillance Area, is working to quickly find positive animals.

“When you have tools in place to identify the disease early, it helps minimize the impact for the livestock owner and neighbors as well as interstate commerce,” Zaluski added.

In 2008, the Montana Department of Livestock, with input from livestock producers and other state and federal agencies, implemented a brucellosis surveillance Area to help mitigate the risks of transmission. Cattle within the DSA are subject to additional disease testing and identification requirements.