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Milk Control

You are invited to discover and learn about Montana's dairy industry. We are very fortunate to live in Montana. Our dairy producers provide us with an abundant supply of one of nature's most nutrient dense foods. Thanks to a thriving dairy industry, we do not need to worry whether or not we can enjoy a cold glass of milk with our next meal.

The Montana Milk Control Bureau (MCB) was established by the legislature in 1935 to strengthen and diversify Montana's dairy industry through activities promoting the intelligent production and orderly marketing of milk and cream. The MCB carries out a variety of statutes and rules enacted by the legislature and the Board of Milk Control. In addition, the bureau is user funded. Producers, distributors, and producer-distributors are assessed a fee to fund bureau activities.

The mission of the Milk Control Bureau is to regulate and control the transfer of milk among producers and distributors by enforcing Montana milk control laws and rules. Through our dedication to a high level of customer service, the bureau promotes public welfare and helps to maintain a stable market for milk within the State of Montana.