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Animal Health Contact Information






 Department of Livestock
 Animal Health Division
 PO Box 202001
 301 N Roberts Street
 Helena, MT 59620-2001


General Inquiries: (406) 444-2043
FAX: (406) 444-1929
General Information

Import Permits: (406) 444-2976
Standard permits available 24 hours

Martin Zaluski, State Veterinarian: (406) 444-2043


Tahnee Szymanski, Assistant State Veterinarian: (406) 444-5214

Eric Liska, Brucellosis Program Veterinarian: (406) 444-3374


Evaleen Starkel: (406) 444-9525

Administrative assistant to the State Veterinarian, 6 month equine passports

Emily Kaleczyc: (406) 444-9622

DSA/Brucellosis program, trichomoniasis program, Alternative Livestock

Vacant: (406) 444-2977

B-ovis program, 6-month equine passports, Montana Certificates of Veterinary

Margie Kelley: (406) 444-5200

Permit violation letters, veterinary supply orders, annual permits, exotic imports

Cinda Young-Eichenfels: (406) 444-3703

Administrative Rules, blanket import permits, fees for specialized permits and licenses


Seasonal grazing, import quarantines, biologic imports, deputy veterinarian seminar, veterinarian address changes, brucellosis testing reimbursements, eCVI's


Other Contact Information

 USDA APHIS VS: (406) 449-2220

  •  International imports/exports
  •  Scrapie tags, brucellosis vaccination (Bangs) tags, USDA silver (Brite) tags