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State Inspected Slaughter Plants 

One of the most common questions the Meat & Poultry Bureau gets is, "Where can I take my beef to have it slaughtered and state inspected?" The answer, of course, is at a state-inspected facility, which are listed below. Livestock that is slaughtered and processed at a state-inspected plant can, with the proper licensing and labeling, be wholesaled or retailed. A livestock owner could, for example, sell state-inspected meat at a farmer's market or to a local restaurant. In contrast, "custom slaughter" meat is stamped "not for sale," and must go back to the owner of the livestock. Meat and meat products intended for shipment across state lines must be slaughtered and processed at a federally inspected facility. 

Vaughn Meat Packing Inc. Vaughn Slaughter +
 A - S Processing Scobey Slaughter +
Lolo Locker Lolo Slaughter +
Big Timber Meats Big Timber Slaughter +
West Valley Bison & Elk Kalispell Slaughter +
Lower Valley Processing Kalispell Slaughter +
Meat Montana Llc McAllister Slaughter +
Hamilton Packing Company Inc Hamilton Slaughter +
Vandevanter Meats Columbia Falls Slaughter +
Superior Meats Inc. Superior Slaughter +
M3 Meats Sidney Slaughter +
Farm-To-Market Pork Inc. Kalispell Slaughter +
S & T Project Meats Billings Slaughter +
Thompson Falls Meats Thompson Falls Slaughter +
Pioneer Meats Big Timber Slaughter +
Clark Fork Custom Meats Plains Slaughter +
C & K Meats Forsyth Slaughter +
Bear Paw Meats Chinook Slaughter +
Beeman's Home Town Butcher Shop Eureka Slaughter +
4J Meats Sheridan Slaughter +
New Rockport Colony Choteau Slaughter Poultry 
Diamond Bar Meat Missoula Processing
Discount Meats Great Falls Processing
Terminal Food Center Inc. Butte Processing
June's Pasty Shop Anaconda Processing (Pasties Only)
Western Meats & Sausage Block Butte Processing
K & C Foods Missoula Processing
Nancy's Pasties Butte Processing (Pasties Only)
Louie's Montana Beef Pasties Deer Lodge Processing (Pasties Only)
Joe's Pasty Shop Butte Processing (Pasties Only)
M & S Meat and Sausage Rollins Processing
Rocky Mountain Smokehouse Laurel Processing (Bison only)
Central Food Service Bozeman Processing (Schools Only)
MCE Food Factory Deer Lodge Processing (Prison Only)
Montana State University Meat Lab Bozeman Processing (School Only)
Meat & Poultry Palace Billings Processing (Viking Only)
Top Of The Hill Meats Polaris Processing
Park Street Pasties Butte Processing (Pasties Only)
Seder Ridge Turkey Farm Ballantine Processing Poultry