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Request for Brand Book

Dear Brand Book Inquirer:

The Department of Livestock makes available for purchase brand books that list registered brands by county. The books are available on a CD that lists all 56 counties for $15, or by county in paper form for $30 each. The books/CDs are furnished as a public service, and the department does not profit by their production.

Brand books are provided under the following conditions:

  • Under Montana law, Section 2-6-109 M.C.A., if we provide you with a document including private addresses, you may not use it as a mailing list. If you do so, you may be guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • Brand book/CDs are continuously updated as brands are issued and transferred, and the book/CD you receive may already be out of date.
  • The listing will not be considered by the department or a court of law as an official brand book or document.
  • The following statement must be included prominently with any use of the book(s) provided to you: This publication is not a publication of the State of Montana. It may not be used for official Department of Livestock business or for brand verification in a court of law. The Department of Livestock is not responsible for any errors herein.