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A producer, producer-distributor, distributor, or jobber may not engage in the business of producing or selling milk in Montana without having obtained a license from the Milk Control Bureau. There is a $2 annual fee which goes to the Montana general fund. In addition to the license required by our bureau, the Milk and Egg Bureau also requires a license, both of which are necessary to do business in Montana.

Download License Application Forms (PDF) below:

Fiscal Year 2018

Milk Control Bureau Information

Contact Information

Department of Livestock
Milk Control Bureau
1404 8th Ave
PO Box 202003
Helena, MT 59620-2003
(406) 444-2875
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Board Members

Chairman- W. Scott Mitchell

Vice Chairman-Jerrold A. Weissman

Board Member -Brian C. Beerman

Board Member -Jim Parker

Board Member -Erik Somerfeld

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