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The Milk Control Board levies an assessment upon producers, producer-distributors, and distributors to provide funds to administer and enforce the Milk Control Act.  The assessment is the sole source of funding for the Board of Milk Control and Montana Department of Livestock Milk Control Bureau.

Assessment Rates (on sales of the total volume of all milk subject to the Milk Control Act):
  • Producer-distributors: $0.05 per hundredweight. 
  • Producers: $0.025 per hundredweight
  • Distributors:  $0.025 per hundredweight 


Download Assessment Reporting Forms (Excel) below:

Fiscal Year 2018



Milk Control Bureau Information

Contact Information

Department of Livestock
Milk Control Bureau
1404 8th Ave
PO Box 202003
Helena, MT 59620-2003
(406) 444-2875
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Board Members

Chairman- W. Scott Mitchell

Vice Chairman-Jerrold A. Weissman

Board Member -Brian C. Beerman

Board Member -Jim Parker

Board Member -Erik Somerfeld

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