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Horse, Donkey, Mule and Zebra Import Requirements

Certificate Requirements

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) or a Six-Month Horse Passport


Permit Requirements


Montana Equine Import Permits

Effective April 9, 2018, veterinarians will be able to create and submit equine import permits using the new Montana Department of Livestock Online Permitting System (OPS).


*Veterinarians in Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho: Obtaining a six-month passport permit through the online permitting system is prohibited.  To obtain a pre-authorization  permit, please fill out the application.

To obtain a 10-day entry permit for horses traveling on a 6-month horse passport, please contact our office at 406-444-2977.


To access the OPS system, enter the following URL in your web browser:


For information on usage of the online permitting system:

Quick Start Guide:

Montana Department of Livestock OPS Quick Start Guide

Detailed User Guide:

Montana Department of Livestock OPS User Guide


If you have any questions regarding the use of this online system, please contact the Montana Department of Livestock at 406-444-2976.


Brand Inspection - If the area of origin does not have brand inspections, one should be obtained upon arrival in Montana. To obtain an inspection, contact a brand inspector.

Re-Entry Permits

Any Montana origin horse leaving the state and returning within 30 days may obtain a 30 day import permit before leaving Montana. 

  • Re-entry permits are only valid for horses leaving the state to participate in events or exhibitions, they are not valid for horses that are being sold, changing ownership or breeding.
  • If the horse does not return to Montana before their Certificate of Veterinary Inspection expires (30 days from the date of inspection), then a new CVI and Import Permit will be required.
  • All testing requirements remain the same

As of April 1st, 2016 horses traveling on electronic Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (eCVI's) will not be required to obtain a re-entry permit

  • The horse(s) must meet all of the above requirements
  • The destination address on the eCVI must be the Montana address the horse is returning to OR
  • Have a statement included stating "these horse(s) are returning to Montana within 30 days"

Any horse traveling on a paper CVI will still require a Re-Entry Permit number

Testing Requirements

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) – All animals must have a negative EIA test (Coggins test) within the 12 months prior to importation. Exception: A nursing foal under 6 months of age accompanied by the EIA negative dam is exempt from test requirements.

Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) – No test is required. All stallions imported into Montana must comply with Official Order 09-01-I.

    1. Stallions with a positive test result must either have proof of prior vaccination against the disease or a negative semen test.
    2. Stallions that are known carriers (shedders) of EVA in semen must have approval from the Montana State Veterinarian prior to importation.

Equine Semen Requirements

Import Permit


Annual Equine Semen Import Permits are available by application. Call MDOL at (406) 444-2976 to receive an application or click here for a copy.