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Pseudorabies Epidemiology

The incidence and distribution in Montana and elsewhere, along with the information regarding the spread of the disease.

Mode of Transmission

  • Direct contact - this is the primary means for spreading the pseudorabies virus (PRV). It occurs by direct nose-to-nose or fecal to oral contact between an infected and shedding pig and a non-infected pig.
  • Indirect contact - can occur by inhalation of aerosolized virus, or ingestion contaminated water or feed. If present on inanimate objects, such as boots, clothing, feed, trucks, and equipment, the virus can also spread from herd to herd and farm to farm.


The APHIS website lists the current Pseudorabies Eradication Program Report. This report shows each state's current status regarding pseudorabies eradication stages.

APHIS website - map of U.S. pseudorabies eradication stages

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