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Chronic Wasting Disease Prevention and Control

Information about how to prevent and control further spread of Chronic Wasting Disease.

Montana has a mandated five-year CWD surveillance for cervidae being imported into the State. The mandate has been in place since 2000. No deer or elk can be imported into Montana without first having been under continuous CWD surveillance for five years and having lived within a captive herd where no CWD has been diagnosed.

Safety Precautions in Montana

The Montana Department of Livestock and Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks are working cooperatively regarding CWD and have introduced new regulations and increased surveillance of both wild and captive deer and elk in Montana.

Montana’s rules and regulations for alternative livestock facilities require that whenever any animal 16 months of age or older dies at a facility, it must immediately be tested for CWD.


  • Do not eat the eyes, brain, spinal cord, spleen, tonsils or lymph nodes of any deer or elk.
  • Do not eat an animal that appears sick.
  • Wear rubber or latex gloves when field dressing animals.
  • Bone out the meat.
  • Avoid handling of brain and spinal tissues.
  • Wash hands, knives and saws thoroughly after field dressing.
  • Request that your animal be processed individually and not combined with meat from other elk and deer.

General Precautions for Processors

  • Separate wild game from domestic animals.
  • Maintain good sanitary conditions in establishment.
  • Maintain identification throughout process.
  • In areas where CWD is present, additional precautions may be warranted.

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