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Chronic Wasting Disease Epidemiology

The incidence and distribution in Montana and elsewhere, along with the information regarding the spread of the disease.

Incidence in Montana

CWD has NOT been found in wild, free-ranging deer or elk in Montana. CWD has only been found in on captive elk herd in Montana, which was depopulated in 1999.

Incidence in U.S.

  • Farmed elk: From 1996 to June 2002, CWD was diagnosed in farmed elk herds in Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Okalahoma, South Dakota, and the Canadian Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  • Wild Deer: From 2000 to June 2002, CWD has also been found in wild deer in northwestern Nebraska, southern New Mexico, southwestern South Dakota, south?central Wisconsin, northwestern Colorado, and the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan.

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