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Animal Health Special Permits, Licenses, & Forms

These forms are provided for you to complete and return to our office at one of the following:

Mail: Department of Livestock          e-mail:          Fax: 406-444-1929
        PO Box 202001
        Helena, MT 59620-2001

  • Online payments are now accepted by using the button at the top of the page.
  • Payments may be made via check or money order. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH!
  • The fees for these permits, licenses, and certifications are in accordance with Administrative Rule of Montana (ARM) 32.2.401
  • An application is required for each permit, license, or certification.  Application and fee must both be received before your permit or license will be issued.
  • Poultry Import Permit - Annual    $4.00            Application           Online Payment

The annual permit replaces the need for a 30 day permit and expires December 31 of each year.

   Flocks must be NPIP certified or tested

   If not participating in NPIP the application must have the signature of an accredited veterinarian.


SPECIAL PERMITS - These permits provide additional flexibility beyond the standard 10-day permit.