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Animal Health Special Permits, Licenses, & Forms

These forms are provided for you to complete and return to our office at one of the following:

Mail: Department of Livestock          e-mail:          Fax: 406-444-1929
        PO Box 202001
        Helena, MT 59620-2001

  • Online payments are now accepted by using the button at the top of the page.
  • Payments may be made via check or money order. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH!
  • The fees for these permits, licenses, and certifications are in accordance with Administrative Rule of Montana (ARM) 32.2.401
  • An application is required for each permit, license, or certification.  Application and fee must both be received before your permit or license will be issued
  • Equine Import Permit - Annual      $5.00 per equine                   Application     Online Payment

The annual permit number replaces the need for a 30 day permit and expires December 31 of the each year.

Other requirements for travel with an annual equine import permit:

Lifetime brand inspection number for each equine

An EIA/Coggins test for each equine (valid for 12 months from the draw date)

A current health certificate for every 30 days of travel


SPECIAL PERMITS - These permits provide additional flexibility beyond the standard 10-day permit.